Tough Day

| Mark Matheson
The Waratahs got a tough introduction to playing at an Australian Championship with a match against the defending champions, Queensland.
The Barras came armed with their A Game, and went 1-0 up after only 5 minutes with a Penalty Corner conversion.
The Waratahs started to ease into the match, but the quarter time break slowed their momentum, and sadly we never really got back into the match.
A brace of Field Goals in the 28th and 30th minutes from the Barras totally knocked the wind out of our sails, and in the final play of the half, a Penalty Corner conversion meant the Waratahs went into the half time break four goals down and well aware that playing at a National Championships is totally different to playing club hockey.
Queensland continued to execute the basics very well in the second half, with crisp, accurate passing and good control of the ball. In contrast, the Waratahs were slow to the ball, struggled to retain clean possession and overall, struggled to adapt to the pass of the match.
A Field Goal and two Penalty Corner strikes in the second half saw the final score blow out to 7-0.
Any loss to Queensland is never easy to swallow, and more some given the final margin. The Waratahs need to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and ready themselves for the "mate vs mate" battle tomorrow, when they play the NSW 40/3's in what is always a hotly contested battle.
Voting for our Players Player after the match gave us a clear winner, with home town boy "Jamie "Donk" Beddoes being the first Waratah to raise the mug. Well done Donk!

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When he is not working in the hockey community, Mark runs an IT Consultancy offering IT Management and Business Process Change services.


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