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Component Version Author Website
COM_JCE 2.6.30 Ryan Demmer
JoomLeague JoomLeague Developers
Admintools 5.1.2 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Akeeba 6.1.1 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
sitecredits 2.6 Roalcana
RSFirewall! 2.11.17 RSJoomla!
com_regularlabsmanager 7.1.7 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
com_advancedmodules 7.6.3 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
AcyMailing 5.5.0 Acyba
com_contenttemplater 7.4.3 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
Widgetkit 2.9.18 YOOtheme
Phoca Commander 3.0.3 Jan Pavelka (
Aimy Sitemap 23.0 Aimy Extensions (Netzum Sorglos Software GmbH)
com_smartcountdown3 3.4.5 Alex Polonski
Module Version Author Website
mod_joomleague_calendar JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_matches JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_navigation JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_ranking JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_results JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_ticker JoomLeague Developers
mod_cachecleaner 6.3.0 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
mod_joomleague_birthday JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_eventsranking JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_logo JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_playgroundplan JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_randomplayer JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_sports_type_statistics JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_statranking JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_teamplayers JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_teamstaffs JoomLeague Developers
RSFirewall! Control Panel Module 1.4.0 RSJoomla!
mod_joomleague_teamstats_ranking JoomLeague Developers
mod_joomleague_adminpanel_icon JoomLeague Developers
Widgetkit 2.9.18 YOOtheme
Facebook Likebox Slider 3.0 Jakub Skowroński
MOD_SMARTCOUNTDOWN3 3.4.8 Alex Polonski
mod_weather_gk4 1.7.4
AcyMailing Latest Newsletters 1.2.0 Acyba
Template Version Author Website
yoo_sun 1.0.10 YOOtheme


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